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Are there wheel chairs in heaven?
Hey, I didn't realize I should make a introduction, I am Zintarloc but you can call me Zin, Zintar, Zinny or whatever, I don't care, but I am 15 play most PC games and love furries. I am also a sergal if my profile picture didn't imply that.

18 Dec 2014 - MAGIC

So today at work. I got presented with $5.00 and a challenge. This challenge I intend to do to the up most of House Kistune's and Everyone I Know's Capabilities.

Here is what happened.

Some one stood up with 500 dollars in 5 dollar bills. And all he asked was that people volunteer to take 5 dollars to make magic some where in the community, and then tell the story of it there after. Well you know me. I stood up.

I am now sitting with 5 dollars in my

14 Dec 2014 - New Forum Catagory



11 Dec 2014 - Christmas Kitsune

You better not whimper
You better not whine
I'm telling you why
Santa Fox is coming to. ...
House Kitsune
December 26th 5pm
potluck style
come celebrate with dance, song,  food,  family,  and the gift of magic that we all bring and share everywhere. Let's aim for the biggest gathering ever.
Love you all and hope to see you there.


10 Dec 2014 - Birthday event

Well, my birthday was on  the 8th but my "party"  my friend is hosting will be at Myrna's. No need for gifts, company is all I ask for.

Should be at 9pm.
Serious topic time.  Something that's been interesting me for a couple months now is the stance of legalizing recreational drug use.  Most of the discussions I've heard have been around marijuana (considering the states that legalized it previously, and the new wave that have recently) but this kinda extends toward drugs in general.

Not sure how many people would feel comfortable enough to answer this, but throwing this out there:

If you don't do an

09 Dec 2014 - my 'sona

my 'sona's name is Timballsto and he is a squirrel...yes i said a SQUIRREL!! but not just any squirrel he's built for battle. he mostly uses 2 broadswords. and thats not all he can throw them like spears. so if you have questions just ask.

09 Dec 2014 - any good books lately?

hey guys read any good books lately? i might be able to show you some good ones

09 Dec 2014 - tree trimming

Saturday is House Kitsune’s Tree Trimming Event”

Bring your Arts and Crafts.

All day casual event, snacks to be served.

And Magic to be created

534 flower street 4pm

05 Dec 2014 - hey this is my INTRO!!

sup guy this is tech tiger talking. feel free to ask me a question and i will answer it to the best of my super-abilities!!

       -tech tiger  8)

04 Dec 2014 - Heya ^^

Hehe, sorry I forgot to introduce myself. Names Arcenio but feel free to call me Arc. I've been a in the fandom for about 4-5 years or so. I can draw but that's only for traditional stuff, digital I can do but I don't own the stuff to do it. I got a little excited when I found this site cause I'm originally from Alaska. I mean I still live in Alaska but I haven't heard of any furs here until I found this site. So yeah, it's cool finding this place. I might not be ac

02 Dec 2014 - busy cat

Going to be a busy  cat over the next week.  Hope to see lots of you guys.  Let me know if tea need me and I'll jump on add I can.  May the fur be with you. 

01 Dec 2014 - Furry Introduction

Hello. Why not everyone introduce their furry side.
Hello, Im Sayu and Im a black, green, and dark purple winged snake.
Your turn. :)

01 Dec 2014 - Anchorage!!!!!!

Okay folks!!!! I am now moved and living in Anchorage!!!!! I have 2 months at my current place to get money saved and stuff together. I need to scrounge up 2000 dollars to put down on a car and save up money to pay for an apartment. Most likely will need a new temp job to get all this done in 2 months. Anyone know any decent non-fast food places hiring that won't take a month and won't have a cow when I quit once I get a car and start working for HOPE?????? Oh also anyone looking for a
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