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every time you wake up, no matter what time it is, should be a good morning


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good morning.


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Today at 05:52 PM - Greetings!

Hello All!
I'm Tony! I primarily do photos, so if there's some pics you think would be cool to do, let's see about making it happen sometime!  :D

21 Nov 2014 - Hello

My name is DJ Nintendo, DJ NIN for short if you like. I am a Light coloured Chinese Fox Dragon, i love to play loudspeakered music and dance.

21 Nov 2014 - Meow-hop!

I'm Cabbit Kitsune...
Terrible at introductions!
But if you need ANYTHING just ask me!
I'm always glad to be of service.
I am Luna, your iridescent, performing dragon.
I am here for your entertainment. 

any questions?

Let me know.

20 Nov 2014 - Saturday

Sounds like there might be something going on Saturday. Stay Tuned for more shiny information.

20 Nov 2014 - snow

When do you think we will get more than 3 inches in one fall

17 Nov 2014 - Bird

I received a request to put these images up here, but I have no idea how the gallery is supposed to work so I will just put em here instead.
You may need to zoom out your browser, or you can right click and select open in new tab. Or if your using a smart phone hold down on the picture with your finger.


13 Nov 2014 - Anim00 and Vidya Gems

For anime, I tend to like fantasy or comedy. I don't really enjoy it when those two worlds combine though. So I like media like Berserk, Attack on Titan, Fist of the North Star, JOJO, and Silver Spoon.

For video games, I tend to like fantasy role-playing games which take themselves seriously and loot based games, e.g. Lords of Magic, The Binding of Isaac, the Diablo franchise, DOTA, Divinity, and Baldur's Gate.

What about you?
Yep! After 5 years away, I'll be moving back to Alaska to get muh higher education. Anyway, I heard there are a lot of furries on this site, so I'm imagining there are a bunch of nerds, too!


Let's get along!  :P

13 Nov 2014 - Updates

Profile Updates
  • We have added a Custom Field for Custom Gender's. With SMF you do have to pick Male or Female. For that I am sorry, but below you can pick what you identify with. On this Page and within this community that is how people will treat you.
  • We have also added Skype and Google plus to the profile fields

Sounds like there is a possible AKC comic in the works.
I think it would be awesome if it stared

12 Nov 2014 - furry

What is furry to you?

11 Nov 2014 - Thanksgiving 2015

It's almost Gobbling time everybody.
As always this is our Annual Thanksgiving Event, for All those to come and gather. From Fur's to Non Fur's we all come together to Join and and be Marry.... or Steve or who ever. We just come together to enjoy one anothers food, drink and company.

This is a Potluck style Gathering. We will of Course Provide the Turkey, and Main Meats, though we do ask

11 Nov 2014 - Look and Layout

Okay guys there are going to be changes happening in the Future to site, mostly with layout and look. But for now we are up and running and starting from the beginning.
We could use all the help we can get. From Graphic people to Idea people.
What would you like to see on the site? What kind of layouts? Is there anyone interested in helping us do a weekly comic? What kind of connections could we get? We need a new banner something fresh and new that describes who we are today and mov

11 Nov 2014 - Today

Whats everyone got going on today?

11 Nov 2014 - Animal House

The furries are amassing an arsenal and a dragon is preparing to breath fire.
This is the first annual furry Hunger Games, taking place in Mountain View under overcast skies. Itís the day after Halloween, and in the center of the back yard at House Kitsune is a tabl
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