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Free from the chains of public eeducation! Aside from finding a job and studying for tests to skip classes <.< and it only lasts 3 months


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Testing testing one two three anybody want to talk with me? :D

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Its that time again, furries! Time to show your support to a worthy cause and get your paws movin'! The annual Walk for Hope fundraiser is here again and we'd like to see as many furs as we can!


Take this link to register and join the team Furries of Alaska. Registration is free and donations are always appreciated.

We'll be meeting an hour early to group up and check in. Then we'll get walkin'!

Where's this at? (Downtown) P Street & 10th Avenue (far west end of Delaney Park Strip)
When's this at? Saturday, May 7 at 8:30 AM. Walk begins at 9:00 AM.

If you can shake your legs and wiggle your toes, please, join us to help raise money for this awesome foundation. We'll see you there!

23 Feb 2016 - Iditarod Furmeet

It's about that time when Alaska holds it's biggest dog sled race. People from all over the world come to race or come to watch. What's a better way of showing our support other than having a furmeet up at the race?

The first musher leaves the starting line at 10:00 A.M, but it's best to get there early so we can get ourselves organized.


March 5th, 2016.

Where does it begin:

4th Avenue in  Anchorage.

What to bring?:

 You can come in your fursuit, or you can just come as you are.
A little bit of extra money for going out to eat as a group (if ya'll want to).

If you have any question, feel free to ask. Also, if you guys have a specific spot you would like to meet at, please let me know.

Also, if someone could make a page on facebook to help get the word around, I would really appreciate it.

19 Feb 2016 - Hey guys

I have been part of the furry fandom for about 6 years now, my brother commissioned suits for a few years, he was the one that got me into the fandom. I am a white wolf named Lexa and a black/purple wolf named Nala.  I recently moved to Alaska about 7 months ago, to learn how to be a dog musher. So far I haven't made any friends, I'm hoping to be able to chat with some of you guys and see what you guys are up to. 

19 Feb 2016 - Furry Origin Stories

Post your furry origin story! Be it how you became a furry, discovered what furries are, or how your fursona became what they are!

I've been a furry for as long as I've been capable of forming coherent, complicated thought. So like 6. I found the word and the community when I was 14 and have been proudly flaunting that title, furry, for the past 4 years now. My fursona, Jakson Rakoy, came to existence a short 3 years ago. His most recent rendition has been talked about on AKC already.

For a long while I wasn't quite sure what furries were when I had discovered what they were. It took a lot of digging and actual genuine research to find out exactly what they were and to realize that we're not all sexual deviants.

Eventually I found some furries all on my own and made friends quite fast. I lived in a chatroom for about 2 years. Then it fell apart just as fast as it was assembled. Then I found this, and Oni and House Kitsune!

What was your adventure to get here?
Hello, everyone! I don't know if this site is still active at all, but I thought I'd stop in and say hi just in case.

My name is Cormac, I'm a crow/hyena hybrid. I'm also an artist, aspiring concept designer, and someone who's looking to get more involved with the furry community here in anchorage: hence joining this site!

10 Feb 2016 - AKC Comic

Good news every one! The AKC comic is coming along well. So far I have 3 pages inked, scanned, scaled, and are all ready to be uploaded. I'll upload them weekly and try my best to keep up a constant backlog so I don't have to worry about meeting the deadline.


This schedule is constantly subject to change. It may be weekly or it may be biweekly. My workload and my drive to draw will determine when pages are finished. I can imagine there will be times when it takes me a week to get a page done.

So for now do not fret. If you liked the first page more is on its way.

07 Feb 2016 - AKC Comic 3.0

Hay Guy's Looks like we are making a slight come back.
Let's see how this goes :)

28 Jan 2016 - Dreams

Any one have any really weird dreams they'd like to share? Dreams have always fascinated me. Especially the super loopy ones!

I'll share a dream of mine:

I walked to the local gas station and went inside to buy some gum. I rung it up and payed for it and went to leave but... There was no exit. I was stuck in the gas station. Along with a missing exit the windows seemed to have disappeared to. I looked for another way out to no avail. I was stuck in a gas station with a snobby clerk smacking gum and blowing bubbles. It wasn't all that fun. But it was a weird dream!

11 Dec 2015 - is this site dead

has everyone moved on to somewhere else, if so, where
hi, my name's Vincent! I've been a furry for a about ten or more years. I have a Skype account, which I check on the weekends, or whenever I have data on my phone. During the week, I'm studying at Alaska Job Corps. I have some disabilities, and I'm a little weird (and shy). Anyway,
nice to meet u, and I hope we can b friends. 
Hi all, my name is Sam! I am a 26 year old male from Denver, Colorado who was recently hired to work in Anchorage (hint hint, I specifically want to connect with Anchorage furs) with Alaska department of Fish and Wildlife on endangered species management. More on that later. My fursona is a ferret. I love Pokemon, Mass Effect, all sorts of anime, drawing, painting, photography, long boarding and metaphysics. I plan to be there sometime around late August, so if you want to meet me and show me around feel free to send me a message or look me up on Facebook! Just send me a message introducing yourself first, otherwise I will probably disregard a random friend request without a proper introduction. Hope to meet all of you soon! -Sam

25 Jun 2015 - 4th of july

Get ready to stop your feetpaws!
Shake that tail!
It's time to dance again!

It's been way too long since we've had a rave event at House Kitsune, we've only used our new lights once!  We'll also have a BBQ earlier in the evening, potluck style as usual. :)  That way those of you who aren't up to dancing all night and still come and socialize~

Bar will be outside.

No definite plans for the evening yet, most likely will start with more casual music in the garage for the early evening, slowly ramping up to some awesome hardcore! You know us at the House, we like our music HARD. ;3

(Pulled image from a Google image search... Despite it being 4th of July, no sparklers or fire fun toys inside the garage please ;3  Keep it outside!)


26 May 2015 - LEGO hobbyists

Are there any AFOLs (adult fans of LEGO) out there, I hear about LEGO clubs around here but I can't find any of them anywhere.   While we're on the subject, I'm working on a dice and tabletop game using LEGO called D20 LEGO and I'd like to have other players whom can also help me tweak the rules, gameplay, ect.

17 May 2015 - Summertime Scalie

I've been a member of AKC before, but i drifted off because I didn't find it helpful in meeting new furry friends, mostly due to location. I can't afford to fling myself down to Anchorage for every meet and greet, and even semi-formal occasions were held down there.

The point is,I'm willing to give the community another shot. Hello. I am Anahi. I am a Naga, with a ball python pattern. I have various drawings I can show you, but for now you'll have to stick with my face. Which happens to be humanoid, I may add. There's been some guff about not having an anthro-snake face, but I like my face as it is.

Clicking through the forum, I'm noticing that its a little sparse in recent posts, but its also been finals week, and summer just exploded. I'm sure there's lots of furry fun happening around the state.

11 May 2015 - Septum Piercing

I am going to have my mother's car while she is down south visiting my brother. During that time I am going to go get my septum pierced. I don't really want to go by myself, but ain't finding anyone to come with me...  I will have the car from the 21st-26th. I plan on going to the hole look either that Sunday after church or that Monday before I head out to the Valley. I want someone to come with as support, but also if it is allowed I would like to record the piercing session so I can put it on youtube. Anyone want to go with me on the first step to mutilating my body with metal???????? This is just the first in a long list I am planning as I test the bounds of what I can get away with and what I cannot get away with at work :D
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