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Nia Lala

January 22, 2015, 06:16:32 PM
Weather witches and winter dragons, start calling those storm clouds! A foot of snow or bust!

Orange Furr

January 15, 2015, 01:29:11 AM
I swear... I'm the one person who actually /likes/ those noises.


January 14, 2015, 04:09:52 AM
*makes faxing noises* Here's yer paper!

Orange Furr

January 12, 2015, 07:37:27 AM
Just to break things up... Moo ahma fax.

Shoryo Tori

January 07, 2015, 12:18:14 PM
Pink fox and yams. Lol

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Today at 10:40 AM - Walk for Hope

To House Kitsune, Friends and family,

Join us in Walking for Hope

Help us produce Magic for others as we Walk for Hope. House Kitsune believes in the values of Community and we want to share that show us the magic of every day moments.

If you are unable to donate, please share, and help the magic grow.

We would love for you to join us walking and making wonders happen.

Click HERE  to visit my FriendRaising Team Page.

Glad to be of Service,
Oni Kitsune

May 2nd
8 Am
I'd Love for all the fursuiters, Benders, and Friends & Family of House Kitsune to be there.

Don't forget to join the Team :)

25 Mar 2015 - Anchorage Furbowl

Event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/458755667610373/

Figure I'd make this a non-fursuiting event, since there's not really that many fursuiters.. Well unless people want it, then I can try ask if it's allowed..

So this is going to be held at the Center Bowl off of Minnesota. For neon bowling (since people been telling me to go with neon,) it's $20 per lane/per hour and shoe rental is $4.25. Depending on how many people show up, we'll probably end up getting 1-2 lanes. I'll be buying a lane, and if anyone else wants to pitch in, that would be fantastic. :3

20 Mar 2015 - Spring Cleaning

April 4th
Noon till when ever
I know many of you have been asking, so now itís here.

The House Kitsune Spring Cleaning

Donít let the title scare you.
Once a year we do a huge yard clean up so that we can continue to host events for our Friends and Family.
We really love hosting these events for all of you, and would like to continue to do so.
So we are asking for helping hands from everyone
But donít worry, I wonít be the slave driver. Iíll be Serving Food and Drink the whole time. Trying my best to serve those gracious enough to help out.
Not only is this a cleaning event, but it is also the start of our summer events. Itís a great time for all of us to come together as a community and family.
To see some of us who have gone into hibernation all winter, and to be outdoors, instead of in the Kitsune PLURR Cave.
We will have song and dance, and good food and drink for all. Feel free to bring your cubs. This is a family friendly event and family is encourage.
Plus there is nothing like the free labor of cubs *cough* I mean the lovely sounds of cubs laughing and playing.
People are welcome to bring food and stuff, but it is not necessary. Because of the great amount of help that we always get every year at this event. House Kitsune covers the whole thing. We will wine and dine you like never before.
Things that are in need (aside from lots of helping paws)
Gloves, Shovels, Push Brooms, Rakes, Trucks, people willing to do dump runs.
Donít forget to dress for the work and the relaxing of the day after 
I will be Grilling up something special for all of you 
Glad to be of Service to all of you, and thank you all for being so awesome!
House Kitsune

07 Mar 2015 - POWERS

so here's the deal name any three superpowers that you would like to have

and what you would do with it

here's a list to help you

Inhuman nature
The character belongs to a class of wholly or partially non-human beings for whom superhuman capabilities are typical and/or natural. This includes, but is not limited to, characters who are aliens, demons, gods, vampires, werewolves, or hybrids.

Object-based powers
Powers derived from objects (also known as artifacts), such as armor, jewelry, weapons, and wands

These powers are a direct result of some form of either induced evolution or natural selection, usually manifested during adolescent puberty when other mental and bodily adaptations take place.

Energy sourcing
Ability to draw power from large or small but abundant sources of energy, such as turningkinetic energy into physical blasts or converting solar energy into other forms. Sometimes based on proximity to source, sometimes stored for future use.

Many characters who train in martial arts gain superhuman capabilities by learning to harnesschi or some form of life energy. This type of method generally provides extraordinary strength, speed, durability and reflexes. Also often used for superhuman awareness, energy blasts, elemental powers and sometimes invulnerability.

Magical powers
This is the ability to use magical forces to varying degrees. Often used to simulate other powers, such as mind control and elemental attacks. Not all "magical" superpowers are actually supernatural, but are based on alternative or futuristic "science".[17] For instance, Moon Knight's strength, endurance and reflexes are enhanced depending upon the phases of the moon.[18] Uncle Sam has his powers in proportion to the people's belief in the ideals of America.[19]

Ability to manipulate and control objects with the mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye

Superpower interaction
This section refers to the ability to manipulate or otherwise interact with superpowers themselves, not "power" such as electrical power or gravitational power.

Power augmentation
Ability to enhance or weaken the powers of others.

Power bestowal
Ability to bestow powers or jump-start latent powers.

Power mimicry or absorption
Ability to copy or absorb another's powers or skills.

Power negation
Ability to cancel the superpowers of others.

Power sensing
Ability to sense or recognize superhuman powers.

Personal physical powers
Powers which affect an individual's body.

Acid generation

01 Mar 2015 - Good Evening

Hi there My name is Jonathan and i found this group and figured i would join you all. Not sure everything i should post here But hello all.

25 Feb 2015 - meow

aside from 42
What do you guys think the meaning of life is?
Why are we here?
Who are we?
Where are we going?
When are going to get there?

25 Feb 2015 - meow

What is everyone's weekend plans

23 Feb 2015 - Kitsune Rave

Welcome ladies and gentlefurs to the next House Kitsune rave! Are you ready to shake those tails and show your moves under the pretty lights and pounding beats?

Details: We're trying to limit this one to the garage and dancefloor as much as possible, so come ready to dance! (Try to avoid lingering in other areas of the house for long periods of time and please no starting of other activities that might draw others away from the music~)

There's no plans to provide or prepare food, but folks are welcome to bring munchies if they like. Keep it simple like chips, veggies, fruit or other finger foods.

Alcohol is welcome for those old enough to drink! Other drinks like sodas and juices are even more welcome, lets stay hydrated and energized as we dance the night away! For those planning to bring drinks, remember the rules: if it comes in to the house, it doesn't leave, and be responsible!

Space may be available for folks to crash for the night (especially those planning to drink) but you need to plan ahead. Contact Goman Fox and Oni Kitsune at least a few days in advance.

Saturday, March 7th at 8:00pm - 3:00am
House Kitsune

(Artwork snagged from FA artist Randerwolf: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/7006659/)
Hewwo, everyfur ^~^. I am a Kitsune living in anchorage and happy to meet you all  :). My hobbies are swimming, drawing, writing, playing games, woodworking, and more hehe. Anyway has a nice day ^.^

15 Feb 2015 - Kryptonite



KSK Events & H2Oasis Water Park proudly present:
Spring Break 2014 ďKryptoniteĒ
Friday March 6th 2015.

One of our most anticipated and well attended events is our annual spring break bash at the water park. We started out in 2011 with Spring Break Massive, then in 2012 we hit you with the Bass Cannon, in 2013 we did Snapbacks & Tattooís, in 2014 we did Masquerave and this year we have KRYPTONITE with a special heroís and villain theme with the color green of course. Feel free to get creative with your outfit or keep it simple with some green. Also, being so close to St Patricks Day, nothing is off the table, We will be giving out the green glow sticks at the door for VIP and for some early bird regular people as well. As for the headliners, we are stoked to showcase an epic 2 hour tag team battle between two of the best open-format dj's in Seattle, Hyperfunk vs Dj Y.U.P. What do I mean by open format? Basically, itís a little bit everything, electro, progressive, trap, dubstep all mixed in with precision skill and with a bunch of original tracks. These dj's know how to feel the crowd and give you what you want and surprise you at every turn. Just when you expect one thing you get something totally different, you will never know what to expect and it will be guaranteed to keep your hands in the air and feet on the floor. This is the annual event for all of us who canít afford to fly to Cabo for Spring Break. Why fly to Cabo anyway when we can bring the beach party to Anchorage. Itís time to get wet once again at H2Oasis for Kryptonite Spring Break 2015!!!

Hyperfunk Vs. DJ YUP
Housewreckin, Volume, Hooligans
Local Talent
Dj Scratchy

H2Oasis Water Park
1520 OíMalley Road, Anchorage Ė 907-522-4420
$25 advance pre-sale tickets, $30 at the door, VIP $45
Please bring an id with a birthdate on it or a school id that shows you are at least a junior or senior. If you donít have either and are 16 call the water park and we can work it out.

Minimum age 16.

Any question call the water park at 907-522-4420 or leave your question on the event page.

H2Oasis passes do not work for the dance events, sorry.

Full Security
Staffed Lifeguards
Food & Drink Concessions
Huge Concert Sound
Killer Laser & Light Show
No Drugs or Alcohol
For more Information and all event details go to www.facebook.com/kskevents

VIP and presale tickets will go on sale in February sometime. Stay tuned to the event page as we will announce that soon.

If you are interested in VIP please check out the list of perks below:
Hello everyone, Cato here, I'm an 18 year old arctic fox currently living in Palmer. I love to do a number of outside and inside activities including but not limited to: biking swimming hiking snowshoeing reading writing drawing playing MTG and gaming. I'm currently mated to a wonderful red fox and just signed up looking for more friends. Thank you for reading this, and stay furry /)

02 Feb 2015 - lack of snow

whats everyone doing to enjoy the winter

28 Jan 2015 - Question

If it's your time to go and you just let it go..... Is that Suicide?
Like whats the difference between a bullet to the head, and asking your doc to pull the plug?

26 Jan 2015 - I am back

I am back. I have missed you all.

16 Jan 2015 - Yuki Fest

Yuki Fest is this Saturday, and I was wondering who are all going? :3
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