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11 Oct 2014 - Thanksgiving

2014 Happy Thanksgiving!

This years Theme is Personal Dish.
Please bring a Dish and a Drink that is Personal to you
That you would like to share with everyone here.

As always we host this Dinner for those that don't always
Have a place to go, and for those that want to get together.

We are Family and we are thankful every year for all of you.

Glad to be of Service.

House Kitsune.

More updates from furry facebook land.

Fursuiting Photo Shoot
Saturday Oct. 11th 6pm
if the weather isn't bad we're having a fursuit photo shoot at the Botanical Gardens, anyone is free to show up and hang out. Fursuit not required.

Quote from event page:
"Pre-Halloween fursuiting and photo shoot taken out by the Botanical gardens off of Tudor. The staff at the gardens said there wouldn't be any issues with having full fursuits on and wandering about. Though if we want to get into the gardens themselves there would be the standard entry fee of $7 (i think that was the price) otherwise all the outside trails and such are free.
You don't have to have a suit to come, if you just want to hang out :) This will be dependent on the weather being nice on Saturday evening. I'm figuring gathering at the Garden's parking lot, then heading down the road a bit maybe to some of the trailheads. I've never been in the gardens themselves, but it might be an option if the weather turns nasty.
Thoughts and comments welcome :)"

Address:4601 Campbell Airstrip Rd, Anchorage, Alaska

Fursuit Building Gathering 3
Saturday Oct. 18th 6pm-9pm
The third entry in this event, hang out, preferably have something to work on.

Quote from event page:
"Been enjoying these, so figured would throw up another for the Saturday after next. Will be in the back room of JoAnn's over at the Northway Mall. 6pm - 9. Bring whatever you want to work on, or just come and hang out with everyone :)"

Address: 3101 Penland Pkwy, Anchorage, Alaska 99508
Alright the forums have been dead long enough, time to post something. Gryph Raptor is hosting a Crafting gathering October 4th at 6pm. bring any sort of project you want to work on or just come and hang out.

23 Aug 2014 - Russet's Birthday

My birthday is in November!!!!! I wanna do something for my birthday besides play the new pokemon games!!!!!! Who wants to help me enjoy a birthday for once? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Merna's would be awesome maybe, or a house somewhere with melon sours!!!!!! :D I will be 32 bloody years old!!!!!!!! My house is outa the question. I need decent notice as I have to figure out how to get there and time off work and all that good stuff!
The Alaska State Fair will be presenting Three Days Grace in concert on AUG 29, 2014.
This may not be earth-shattering news to most but it's at least something to get me out and about on by B-day. I invite anyone and everyone who is free on that evening to join me and act ridiculous to a good soundtrack.

Tickets are $35 which I cannot assist with purchasing but I can provide transport for 3 people in Anchorage who wish to go as well. Shuttle departs at 5:30 from (Location Not Set)
Cake may or may not be a lie.

08 Aug 2014 - end of summer bbq

End of Summer BBQ

August 22nd

This is it guys, the end of Summer BBQ Hosted by House Kitsune

Preparty starts at 4pm Event starts at 6pm

This is a huge Pot Luck BBQ

The Bar and Grill and Musiak will be going all night

Bring Friends for an event of a life time

Please bring something to help with bar and grill
534 flower street.

15 Jul 2014 - Drag Party 14

Come "dragged" out in your best movie attire.
Bar and grill.
Please bring what you can for both.
Be ready to lip sync for your life!
7/26, 3pm-11pm @ House Kitsune

Let's see who will be our new Queen of the Dance!

06 Jul 2014 - Tea Party.

At the hour of 3pm.
Creek side park (not the school the park just down the street from there.)

shall be a teaparty.
The theme is Steampunk. If you don't have proper attire just wear something lovely or nice.
pictures will be there.
if you have your own tea cup feel free to bring it along with your favorite teas.

I will be bringing tea and hopefully a set if I can find all the pieces.

I hope to see some of your lovely faces.

04 Jul 2014 - Alaskan Furry Campout

I should have made this event sooner, but stuff happens. So there's going to be tents, campfire, camping food, rock skipping, s'mores, and possibly swimming if the water isn't too cold. X3 This is a three day event, starting on Friday, August 1st at 6PM, and ending Sunday, August 3rd at 2PM. Held at "Man-Made."

How to get to this place: Coming from Anchorage side- Take the Glenn Highway. Take the exit onto Old Glen. Turn right and drive straight. Drive straight pass the old railroad bridge, continuing onto Kink Road. After you see a "work zone" sign on the left, take the left turn that's right after it. Coming from the Valley side: Pretty much the same as Anchorage, except for when you get to Old Glen, you turn left.

I'll be scheduling a time for a "caravan" type deal for those drivers who would rather follow me, than test their luck on finding the place. X3

Questions, comment, concerns: Comment below. :3


30 Jun 2014 - 4th of July

4th of July bbq
House Kitsune
534 flower street

Share and invite.
Saturday July 5th, at 2:30PM. Held at Russian Jack Springs Park in Anchorage.

Potluck style! Say what you're bringing so that others know what to bring. If you have any sports equipment, such as footballs, soccer balls, etc, then feel free to bring them! And yes, this is a fursuit-friendly event.

This event will be held til when the majority starts leaving. If the weather turns crap, then it will be rescheduled for the Saturday after. If rides are needed, there can be arrangements made.

Any questions, feel free to ask!

-Sammeh ♥

12 May 2014 - Memorial day

Memorial Day Kitsune BBQ

As always on Memorial Day there is the “Big Gay Memorial Day BBQ” out at Kinkaid Park.

After that We at House Kitsune like to do a little something at our place.
Let’s join together in a potluck to celebrate and have a good time together.
We also have a special tradition at this event where we bring in new people

We would like to extend out this idea to you as well.
Please bring your friends and family and some one new.

I will be running the grill all day, so if you bring raw meat well be able to cook it up for you.
Drinks and mixers are encouraged as well.

Location: House Kitsune

Time: 5:00pm
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